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Batsquatch is a flying cryptid that was allegedly sighted near Mount Saint Helens. It resembles a flying primate, similar to the Ahool and the Orang Bati of Southeast Asia . Although it was sighted only once for a brief moment, the witness allegedly took several pictures of the creature. However, these pictures have not been yet analyzed, and thus cannot prove the creature's existence.

This creature was said to have yellow eyes, a wolf-like muzzle, blue fur, sharp teeth, bird-like feet, and leathery bat-like wings. In addition, batsquatch is said to be 9 feet tall and have the ability to affect car engines. This is possibly a misunderstood sighting of mothman considering it also affected man-made things, like mothman can.

On April 1994, Brian Canfield was driving in Washington's Pierce Country when his truck suddenly died. Canfield said a large creature landed in front of him. He said it was human-like, 9 ft tall, and had batlike wings and it also sported a coat of blue fur. Ever since then it has not been seen and skeptics dismiss it as a hoax.

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