1908 New York to Paris Race

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1908 New York to Paris Race

Post by weasel666 on Fri 11 Nov 2016, 03:16

The 1908 New York to Paris Race was an automobile competition consisting of drivers attempting to travel from New York to Paris. This was a considerable challenge given the state of automobile technology and road infrastructure at the time. Only three of six contestants completed the course. The winner was the American team, driving a 1907 Thomas Flyer. In 1907 the Peking to Paris automobile race had inspired an even bolder test of these new machines. The following year the course would be from New York City, USA, to Paris, France with a 150-mile (240 km) ship passage from Nome, Alaska, across the Bering Strait to East Cape, Siberia, this at a time when "the motor car is the most fragile and capricious thing on earth." wrote:

For more info check this link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1908_New_York_to_Paris_Race


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