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GAC travel to the legendary Wild West town of Deadwood, in South Dakota's Black Hills to investigate its most haunted locations, where the spirits of cowboys and gunslingers still roam. For the first day of their lockdown, Zak, Aaron, and Billy investigate the Bullock Hotel, where the former owner Seth Bullock is claimed to haunt, while Jay monitors the activity at the Wild Bill's Trading Post, the original site of Saloon No. 10, where Wild Bill Hickok was shot dead by Jack McCall after drawing the Dead Man's Hand. For the second day of their lockdown, Zak and Aaron investigate the Fairmont Hotel, a former brothel, where Jack McCall is believed to haunt after he stayed in the hotel prior to his murder of Wild Bill Hickok, and Billy, Jay, and Bill Chappell investigate the Adams House, where it is believed to be haunted by the Adams family after a string of unexpected deaths in the family. wrote:


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