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Bell Witch

Post by weasel666 on Sun 13 Nov 2016, 20:46

The Bell Witch or Bell Witch Haunting is a poltergeist legend from Southern folklore, centered on the 19th-century Bell family of Adams, Tennessee. An artist's drawing of Betsy Bell, originally published in 1894 John Bell Sr., who made his living as a farmer, resided with his family in Adams, Tennessee in the early 1800s. According to folklore in 1817, his family came under attack by a witch. In the 1894 book An Authenticated History of the Bell Witch, author Martin Van Buren Ingram claimed that the poltergeist's name was Kate, and that she frequently cursed the Bell family out loud. The activity centered on the Bells' youngest daughter, Betsy, and worsened after she became engaged to a local named Joshua Gardner. Several accounts say that during his military career, Andrew Jackson was intrigued with the story and was frightened away after traveling to investigate. Other stories claim the family was haunted by scratching noises outside their door after Bell found a half-dog, half-rabbit creature. Some versions end with Bell being poisoned by the witch. Accounts vary with the witch being someone who had been cheated by Bell or a male slave that Bell had killed. wrote:

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