The Greely Expedition

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The Greely Expedition

Post by weasel666 on Tue 15 Nov 2016, 04:47

The 1881–1884 Lady Franklin Bay Expedition (officially the International Polar Expedition) into the Canadian Arctic was led by Lt. Adolphus Greely and was promoted by the United States Army Signal Corps. Its purpose was threefold: to establish a meteorological-observation station as part of the First International Polar Year, to collect astronomical data, and polar magnetic data. During the expedition, two members of the crew reached a new "Farthest North" record. The expedition was under the auspices of the Signal Corps at a time when the Corps' Chief Disbursements Officer, Henry W. Howgate, was arrested for embezzlement. However, that did not deter the planning and execution of the voyage. wrote:

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