Ringdocus aka Shunka Warak’in

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Ringdocus aka Shunka Warak’in

Post by weasel666 on Thu 17 Nov 2016, 02:23

Ringdocus is the name given to an unidentified animal shot by Israel A. Hutchins, a Mormon settler in Montana in 1886. Hutchins had it stuffed by a local taxidermist, Joseph Sherwood, who put it on display at his general store near Henry's Lake, Idaho until the 1980s when it mysteriously disappeared. DNA testing has never been conducted on the animal. In 2007, Jack Kirby, grandson of the man who shot the animal, tracked it down to the Idaho Museum of Natural History in Pocatello. The specimen was displayed in the Madison Valley History Museum when it reopened in May 2007 wrote:

for more info check this link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ringdocus


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