Porcelain Twins

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Porcelain Twins

Post by weasel666 on Wed 25 Jan 2017, 15:54

South Bend Indiana , this mid-western city derives its name from its location on the southern most curve of the Saint Josephs River. And just a few blocks from its banks , in the Center For History there you can find items ranging from antic, such as documents about industry , to a steel gas part. But there is one fragile object that stands out from this heavy machinery , this old china doll may look innocent , but recording to deputy executive director Branden Anderson , a toy just like this was central to a bizarre tale at this deception and intrigue. What role did this toy play in one of most mystified scandals ?? It was 1921 in a small town of Hammond Indiana, Frank and Hazel Mcnally are a happy newly couple and just have start a family. Just a few weeks in their marriage Hazel surprises her husband with good news. Hazel told Frank that she was pregnant and they were both excited about this news and they made a announcement for entire neighborhood . As the pregnancy progresses ,Hazel a trained nurse insist on handling every aspect of the preparation herself, she even told her husband that she plans to deliver the baby on her own , without a doctor. Frank accepted her decision , she knew what she was doing . Months later Hazel goes into labor , Frank anxiously was waiting in the couple`s room, until his wife finally emerges an unexpected announcement, she have born twins , a boy and a girl. Frank was overjoyed to the news. But this filling short lift. Hazel tell her husband that she detected a physical defect in both of babies. She said that they were fragile weak and have weak eyes, in fact Hazel claims that condition of children is so dire , they must been kept in a darker room and remain undisturbed, Frank is devastated but his wife guarantied him that she can care for the twins. On the rare occasion that the infants leave the house , Frank watches his wife taking extreme precautions to protect their weak eyes from the sun, they both had a white cloth at their face, so nobody really seen the twins at their faces. Than one day, in the spring of 1922, Hazel puts the babies down for a nap and announced that she is going out to run alone. To the children at left, Frank is overcome by a growing desire, Frank always trust to his wife for taking care about their children ,but he thought that he should have some more involvement into their life. Frank reasons that it couldn`t hurt to simply lay eyes upon them , so he went to the nursery , but what he finds, he made a horrified discover , he finds only two dolls there, than in that moment Hazel turns home, and he confronts her demanding to know where the babies are and why there are two dolls in their places. But in stand to give him answer Hazel scream out . Bewildered by Hazel behavior , but Frank fears the worst, where are the children. Hazel refuses to explain the situation so Frank decides that he must call the police. They went to the Mcnelly home and they arrested her. At the station authority pressure to charge Hazel for the murder of twins. Finally Hazel breaks down, and makes an astonishing confession , she confessed that she have never born any babies, they were just dolls, dolls like this one South Bend Indiana, Investigators press the nurse what have motivated her to carry out such a defaming action, so Hazel announced that she was sterile and she was unable to have babies, but Frank wanted to be a father , so she put together this tricks to make her husband happy. Destroyed Frank refuses to believe this, he thought that she invented this for not being charged for murder of their children. So the authority keep Hazel in custody , but they fail deeper into bizarre story, cause nobody have ever seen their babies , do there was no proves about their existence . In October Hazel has released, this was one of the strangers and complex case of these times, they completely shocked everyone. The Mcnelly couple separated and goes to different ways. Today to South Bend Indiana , this chinese doll stands as a reminder of one of the most bizarre stories that we have ever heard. wrote:


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